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Welcome to the beginning of improved performance and effective communication.

What can KRG Communications Group do for you?

Listening, leadership, conflict resolution, getting your point across concisely: effective communication skills help you win customers, solve problems and build your team. We develop targeted coaching & development solutions for your individual & professional needs.

Sales and service are not just about technique.  Leadership is more listening than speaking. Conflict resolution isn't about winners and losers. To be able to speak and respond concisely, to get our point across effectively, we  recognize there is a wide variety of interpersonal skills used. 

We offer webinars, individual and group coaching. Our approach is hands on and practical with an emphasis on active coaching skills. Your success is our goal.

Success Calls... to you!         

KRG Communications Group
Jo Ann Kirby, President
Wayne, NJ 07470
973.897.6177 (voice/text)
973.709.1818 (fax)









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