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About Us:

KRG Communcations Group was founded in 2000. Its ongoing mission is to provide quality training and development programs for our clients with the express purpose to increase their sales and profits as well as customer satisfaction. Based on client needs, we use the most appropriate learning techniques for each client, such as workshops, webinar, teleclasses or coaching.

 Jo Ann Kirby is President of KRG Communications Group. She has 20 years’ experience in sales and customer service training.  Jo Ann provides learning and development for a variety of clients ranging from small to big businesses as well as offering individual coaching and counseling to small business owners. Her clients include diverse industries such as manufacturing and service providers. Jo Ann uses a “how to “approach in her work.  Her training courses and seminars are results orientated with an emphasis on easy instructions and practice. Her work produces tangible outcomes, with clients experiencing significant increases in business.

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